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Over 20 Years providing the world's finest Visio Services
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Your source for the singular finest Visio Education, Mentoring, Consulting, Solutions Development and Solutions Architecture

Visio Corporation was founded in September 1990. Very shortly after the release of Visio 1.0, David Edson, CEO of VizFirst, joined Visio corporation as the Manager of International Developer Training; showing Visio developers and users how to build Solutions on the Visio platform. No other Visio service provider can come anywhere close to this longevity in the Visio Development field.
Mr. Edson has continually been providing the finest in Visio education, mentoring, consulting, solutions development, and solutions architecture for twenty-five years. Let VizFirst assist you in optimising your investment in Visio and provide you with the tools and skills to make your use of Visio all that it can possibly be. 
A Revolution as well as an Evolution

VizFirst is a revolutionary new way of working with a Visio Consultant.
 VizFirst is optimized to guide you through the process of maximizing your investment in Visio.
  • Vizfirst provides lectures and seminars to ramp up your user's skills with the tools you already own.
  • VizFirst can then Mentor members of your staff to empower them to be the In-House Guru's to isolate, solve and prevent the bottlenecks that are inhibiting your team's Visio success.
  • VizFirst can then provide Consulting Services to create time-saving productivity enhancements to Visio, tailored to your particular corporate use.
  • VizFirst additionally provides Tailored Solutions Development and Solutions Architecture to deliver major enhancements to the Visio engine and deploy the solutions, tools and utilities critical to your success.

You already OWN Visio, why not maximise your investment?

Enterprise depolyment of software is of no small consideration these days, and Visio is certainly a part of that mix. Between Visio standard, Professional, and Premium licenses, you and your company have a significant monitary investment in Visio. Without any proper training on Visio usage, that investment is highly crippled.
What shoud take several minutes to create in the hands of an experienced, well trained, Visio user can take hours or days in the hands of an untrained user. This is lost productivity, and costs you, at times, even more than the software investment itself. With quality training from VizFirst, you can not only overcome this lost productivity, but moreover have a very short-term ROI that proves that the training investment will quickly pay for itself and subsequently increase profitability through greatly increased productivity.
Investments in Mentoring, Solutions Development and Solutions Architecture can also dramatically increase the overall corporate productivity as it applies to the use and understanding of Visio diagrams.
Remember that Visio is the premire tool for visualizing your corporate data and processes. VizFirst is the singular best consultancy to optimise your investment in Visio.
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Oshkosh, WI 54901-2857, USA